MD-jeep: a software tool for Distance Geometry

MD-jeep is a software tool for solving distance geometry problems. It is able to solve a subclass of instances of the problem for which a discrete reformulation can be supplied. We refer to this subclass of instances as the Discretizable Molecular Distance Geometry Problem (DMDGP). We employ a Branch & Prune (BP) algorithm for the solution of DMDGPs.

MD-jeep is the result of a strong collaboration among Antonio Mucherino, Leo Liberti, Carlile Lavor and Nelson Maculan. Over the years, PhD and postdoc students under our supervision have also been contributing to this research topic, and developing new experimental version of MD-jeep (not yet available for download). Many details regarding the discretization of the problem and the BP algorithm can be found in our publications (the list of the most recent papers can be found here).

MD-jeep is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (v.2). If you experience problems when using our software, please let us know!

name release date download bug reports
MD-jeep version 0.1 May 1st, 2010 mdjeep-0.1.tar.gz bugs-0.1.txt
MD-jeep version 0.2 coming soon ... - -

Some test problems are also available for download.

name download
test problems 1 tests1.tar.gz

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