A VNS-based Heuristic for Feature Selection in Data Mining
A. Mucherino, L. Liberti

The selection of features that describe samples in sets of data is a typical problem in data mining. A crucial issue is to select a maximal set of pertinent features, because the scarce knowledge of the problem under study often leads to consider features which do not provide a good description of the corresponding samples. The concept of consistent biclustering of a set of data has been introduced to identify such a maximal set. The problem can be modeled as a 01 linear fractional program, which is NP-hard. We reformulate this optimization problem as a bilevel program, and we prove that solutions to the original problem can be found by solving the reformulated problem. We also propose a heuristic for the solution of the bilevel program, that is based on the meta-heuristic Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS). Computational experiments show that the proposed heuristic outperforms previously proposed heuristics for feature selection by consistent biclustering.