Surface based motion retargeting by preserving spatial relationship
Z. Liu, A. Mucherino, L. Hoyet, F. Multon

Retargeting motion from one character to another is a key process in computer animation. It enables to reuse animations designed for a character to animate another one, or to make performance-driven be faithful to what has been performed by the user. Previous work mainly focused on retargeting skeleton animations whereas the contextual meaning of the motion is mainly linked to the relationship between body surfaces, such as the contact of the palm with the belly. In this paper we propose a new context-aware motion retargeting framework, based on deforming a target character to mimic a source character poses using harmonic mapping. We also introduce the idea of Context Graph: modeling local interactions between surfaces of the source character, to be preserved in the target character, in order to ensure fidelity of the pose. In this approach, no rigging is required as we directly manipulate the surfaces, which makes the process totally automatic. Our results demonstrate the relevance of this automatic rigging-less approach on motions with complex contacts and interactions between the character's surface.