Remarks on Surface based motion retargeting by preserving spatial relationship
Z. Liu, A. Mucherino, L. Hoyet, F. Multon

My contribution to this paper was actually minimal. Most of my suggestions were not taken into consideration by the postdoc fellow that was at that time working at INRIA in the MimeTIC team. For this reason, I had mentioned to the other colleagues that it was not necessary to include my name in this publication. It was my surprise to see that not only they kept my name in the author list, but even at second position: I would have reserved this position in the list to another author having given a larger contribution to the paper.

A few months after the publication of this conference paper, the postdoc fellow finished his contract and came back to his home country. I was subsequently told by his supervisor that he no longer replied to his emails, and that he left no traces of the code used to perform the experiments published in this paper. I have to say, all experiments this postdoc fellow had shown to us (including what was finally included in the paper) always seemed to have "something magical", and I always had the impression that they didn't really match with the theory.