Well, it's more and more difficult to find time for hobbies. Here below a glimpse of some webpages that were previously on this website, and related to my hobbies.


The original idea was to devote a section of this website to the collection of pictures taken during all my travels. But finally, it's almost 10 years now that, while keeping taking pictures during the travels, I never have the time to upload them here. The pictures shown below are therefore not so recent.

One randomly chosen picture is shown below (to see another, just reload the page).


I always loved playing guitar. I was studying classical music (we are talking about 20 years ago now...), but I also used to enjoy playing with friends some songs for guitar alone. One example is Pino Daniele's "Napule è", which I never took the tome to write down, unfortunately. Below you'll find instead the translation for guitar of 'O sole mio (the original score is available at this link).

The score is also available in pdf and ps versions.

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