Antonio Mucherino, PhD Antonio Mucherino

Assistant Professor

IRISA, University of Rennes 1

Antonio Mucherino
Assistant Professor
équipe MimeTIC, IRISA
University of Rennes 1
campus de Beaulieu, F-35042 Rennes

Research interests:

  • Distance Geometry
  • Data Mining
  • Meta-heuristics
  • Bioinformatics/Protein Folding
  • Parallel Computing

We are currently collecting papers for a special issue of Optimization Letters in memory of Michel Deza.
Call for papers. Link to Editorial System.

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Hobbies: Photography, Music


Events: DGD16, WCO17, CDs

Software: MD-jeep


Ogni matina, raprendo gli occhi, Montalbano [..] si domandava quando gli sarebbe capitata di nuovo la possibilità di starsene in santo silenzio, senza disturbo d'alcun genere, così da poter svolgere un ragionamento filato dal quale ricevere una luce, una sollecitazione. Bisogna che approfitti di questa situazione, diceva, e partiva a ripassarsi la vicenna con la stessa foga di un cavallo al galoppo, dopo tanticchia si trovava a camminare al piccolo trotto, poi al passo e quindi una specie di torpore adascio adascio s'impadroniva di lui, corpo e ciriveddro. The original text is in Italian, but a few Sicilian words are also employed.
One possible translation is:
Every morning, when opening his eyes, Montalbano [..] was wondering when he would have had again the possibility to think it over in silence, without any kind of bothering. He needed to follow the lines of his thoughs, for eventually approaching the light, an intuition. It was absolutely necessary to exploit this situation, he thought; and so he was repeating, with the hardor of the galloping horse, all the details of the matter in his mind; after a little while, he found himself trotting, then walking, until a numbness slowly but constantly came overwhelming himself, his body and his mind.

Andrea Camilleri, Il cane di terracotta,
Ventesima ed., Sellerio, 275 pages, 2000.

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